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  Leon Krpič
 Aleš Loborec
 Jure Jenko
 Jure Horvat
 Adisa Karič



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 Super Film
 Prisojna 5a, 1000 Ljubljana
 +386 1 540 50 60
 +386 1 540 50 61
 +386 41 62 50 41

Super Film
Directed by Leon Krpič
Based on a true story
Action gives us statisfaction

There is a land every film maker has always dreamed of.
A vivid land that has it all:
from green forrests and Alp mountains like Switzerland,
medieval towns and renaissance buildings like Italy,
to Mediterranean sea and vine hills like France.
All this in a small land not far away from the countries just mentioned.
Not far at all.
And since this land is so small you can get from the sea
to the mountains in a blink of an eye.
This small production dreamland is called Slovenia and it lies in the middle of Europe.
In this beautiful land of Slovenia live a couple of guys (and girls)
who run a production house called Super Film.
They run it with enthusiasm, knowledge, quality, experience and a sense of humour.
That's right. They are pro's and they are having fun when working hard.
As you can see, they really know how to produce a film.
And since they even turned their website into a movie,
this is obviuosly the only thing they know how to do.
But that's OK, because they are the best at it.
You don't believe? You think you can do it better?
No problem, just come here and do your own production.
They will rent you all production stuff you need.
The story you're reading could be a TV commercial,
a presentation movie, a short film or a 3h historical saga.
Your choice.
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